Thursday, April 3, 2008

Getting Back On The Horse.

I had told myself I wasn't getting involved with anyone for a long time. I wasn't bitter about being abandoned last October, but I decided there was no need to get involved with any one else. Well that plan really worked well. I am now seeing a lady I work with. Neither one of us expected it, it just happened. She knew last Christmas I was going to be alone so she invited me over. From there we saw each other a few times, mainly watching movies at her house. When I went to Illinois last February she came over and fed my rabbit. The fact that she actually saw the mess of my apartment and didn't run far away says a lot. We have had similar circumstances, my wife died suddenly 8 years ago, her husband was killed in a factory accident 4 years ago. We have the same days off so every Tuesday night I go to her house. We will be doing some traveling when the weather warms up. We haven't decided yet how far we are going to take this, but for now we are having fun trying.

Todays card is another from the Wal-Mart set. This is Yankees pitcher Kei Igawa and is based on a Japanese baseball card design.


Rob S. said...

Congratulations, Howard. Take it at its own pace... and enjoy.

Alexandra Kitty said...

I'm so happy for you. Sounds wonderful.

Travis said...

Way to go, Howard. Sounds fun.

Jeff said...

Howard, congratulations, man! You deserve happiness.

Sorry I still haven't sent you those comics. But please know that the cards keep bringing me more and more memories and pleasure.

I'll hopefully hop on the comics this week.

Howard Bagby said...

Thank you every one. we are not rushing into anything but just having fun being together and getting to know each other.