Saturday, August 16, 2008

eBay Winnings.

Last week I won an auction on eBay. I got these 4 cards. They are from the 1956 Topps set. My dream is to put this set together because it is the year I was born. Time will tell how far I get, but here is a start.

I would have placed the bid regardless, but having a Cub in it made it sweeter. Don Kaiser only pitched 3 years in the major leagues, all with the Cubs. His lifetime record was 6-15 with a 3.86 ERA.

Joe Frazier only played 4 seasons and was a reserve outfielder. In his four years he played with the Indians, the Cardinals, the Reds and the Orioles. He hit 10 home runs, drove in 45 runs, and had a lifetime batting average of .241.

Jim Brady only pitched in 6 games for the Tigers. He was a bonus baby which meant he had to be kept on the major league roster instead of going to the minor leagues. It really hurt his career. In 6 and 1/3 innings he gave up 20 earned runs. He had no decisions and his lifetime ERA was 28.42.

Bob Nelson
was another bonus baby and it also hurt his career. He played 3 years for the Orioles and saw very limited playing time. He only played in 79 games, hit no home runs, drove in 11 runs and his lifetime batting average was .205. He was out of the major leagues at age 20.

One other thing I received in the mail today was this book and a Supermarket Guru tote bag. I don't remember how I found this site, but I signed up for the weekly newsletter and have been getting it for some time now. One thing I enjoy is reading reviews of new products. In the most recent newsletter they reviewed the Hormel Completes line and stated they could be found in the dairy section. I am familiar with the product and it needs no refrigeration. I sent him an email telling him about the mistake. I received an email back from Phil Lempert thanking me for letting him know that. He told me if I would send him my address he would send me a tote bag. I did and when the bag arrived today the book was with it. Not only that Phil also autographed it for me. It made for a very nice surprise. Check out his website and if you are interested sign up for the newsletter. There is a lot of interesting information there.

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