Friday, May 20, 2011

The Countdown Begins.

Last July I decided that I needed to do something else at work. My age has started catching up with me and I needed to something easier than stocking frozen foods and dairy. I made the request and was told that by October that I would be moved. At that time the manager who had made me the promise went to first shift and I was left where I was at. I kept asking and was told that I was too good at what I do and I could not be spared. I was put in other places from time to time, but then I always was sent back to frozen and dairy.

In an effort to escape, I temporarily went out of my mind. Fortunately my sanity was restored and I went back to plodding along and pleading for a change. Last night I got my answer. In two weeks, 9 working days, I will be moving over to the electronics department. On most nights I will have less than a tenth of the freight that I deal with now. My main jobs will be customer service and answer the phones, both of which are usually very light. I do have experience with that department, I was the department manager when I worked for Kmart, although a lot has changed since I last worked the department. I will be learning about the new technology, which I enjoy doing. Incidentally, I am also getting a small raise. Does anybody know how to speed up time?LinkLink