Friday, September 30, 2011

Now on DVD.

Last night Transformers:Dark Of The Moon came out on DVD. It is not unusual for a big movie to be released on Friday. Transformers is the first of the big summer blockbusters that we will be seeing in the next month. Originally I was going to see it in theaters, but I read enough about it that I decided to wait for the DVD. I also am not buying the DVD right now, but will wait until it goes down to $10. If you call me cheap I will consider that a compliment. It is rare for me to pay full price for any DVD. There are exceptions, and one of those is coming in about a month. Transformers is rated 6.6 on the IMDB and brought in $351,991,232 at the box office. It more than doubled that overseas, making it a billion-dollar movie. Of course, that means there will be a Transformers 4.

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