Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Tuesday movie night was a little different this week. Normally I go to Vickie's house and we watch a DVD. Tonight we went to the theater and watched Journey To The Center Of The Earth in 3D. This is a really good movie and the 3D effects were amazing. It is not a retelling of the Jules Verne novel. The novel is one of the stars of the movie. I will agree with some of the complaints that I have read that the movie goes in almost a straight line with very few story curves, but I enjoyed that aspect of it. I also am a big Brendan Frasier fan so that added to the movies appeal. If you are wanting to see a movie where you can turn off your mind and enjoy the ride, this one is for you.
IMDB rating:6.7
My rating:8

Todays card is from the 1988 Fleer set. It is a good thing Tim Flannery played for the San Diego Padres. That surfboard would not have done him much good if he played in Kansas City.


Travis said...

Ah the '88 Fleer set one of I think 2 I actually bought the factory set of. Good memories.

Howard Bagby said...

I am still working on the 88 Fleer set. The only factory set I own is the 89 Fleer that a friend gave me for Christmas last year. I have a few sets that I am close to completing.

Travis said...

Actually, I should say the factory sets were gifts from my parents. I don't think I ever got close to ever collecting a whole set.