Thursday, July 10, 2008

The traveling trophies have returned.

I am a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan, and have been since 1969. My buddy in Illinois is a St. Louis Cardinals fan, and we have a lot of fun kidding each other about this. Several years ago I started our version of traveling trophies. Just in case you are not aware of them you can read more about them here. Since I collect baseball cards of course the trophies are cards. Originally they were cards of Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire but that changed when both left. Since the big stars are now Derrek Lee and Albert Pujols they are the trophies. The way it works is when the two meet whichever team wins the series the cards go to them. If it is a two or four game series and the teams split the series, the cards remain with whoever had them. Since the Cardinals had won the first series this year, my friend had the cards. This past weekend the Cubs took two of the three the cards returned to me. Normally we buy a greeting card to put the cards in, the funnier the card the better. This time however my friend was feeling cocky and he upped the ante. Not only were the cards on the line, he wanted to increase the bet to include a DVD. Had the Cardinals won I would have sent him the first Inuyasha movie. Instead he sent me the cards with the Record Of Lodoss War. I'll be reviewing that later. The next time the Cubs and Cardinals meet I will blog about their rivalry.

Todays card is one to make you go ahhh. I really like it when they do cards with the players kids and this is the best I have seen. I will post more later.

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