Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cards From The Captain Comics Board.

I posted this card on the Captain Comics Board. It was the birthday of one of my friends and he had mentioned that Cal Ripken was one of his boyhood idols, so what better than to post a picture of Cal for him. I also am a fan. CR is one of the players I collect. Eventually I will post the others and explain why I like them. The reason I have always liked CR is that he never let his celebrity go to his head. He would stay to sign autographs after every game, no matter how long it took. Although he is best known for his consecutive game streak, he was also a good hitter and a great fielder. It was no surprise he was voted into baseballs Hall Of Fame with 3184 hits, 431 home runs, 1695 runs batted in and a lifetime batting average of .276. With all the bad press some players bring on themselves, it is nice to have a good role model.

Earlier this month I posted this card for another Captain Comics friend, Jeff. Since he is obviously a Cincinnati Reds fan, I thought the team picture from 2008 Topps Heritage would make a nice touch.

The only other card I have posted on the board is this one. The reason I posted this one is one of my friends is a fan of the manga Cromartie High School. Warren Cromartie was a decent player here but became a star in Japan when he played there. The only thing he has to do with the manga is provide the name.


Travis said...

Cal Ripken, Jr was without a doubt my favorite non-Texas Ranger, one of my most prized card was his 2nd year (not a rookie card unfortunately) that I traded for from a friend of mine. Good memories.

Jeff said...

Dude, you posted this when I was at karate camp, and I haven't been so active since I came back. Thanks for the props, as well as the Reds card! I love it.

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