Sunday, September 28, 2008

Beware This Man.

Yes you must be afraid of this man. Don't ever let him turn your back on you. Why? He was charged with battery on a police officer. His weapon? His gastro-intestinal tract. That's right. He farted on a police officer. On September 23 this gentleman, Jose Cruz, was driving in West Charleston, West Virginia with his lights off. He was stopped and failed a field sobriety test, at which time he was arrested. While in custody he allegedly hiked his leg and let fly, then to make matters worse he allegedly fanned it. You can read the arrest report here. Now I realize to call a fart battery is stretching the imagination. If that is battery people are being assaulted daily. Saner heads have since prevailed, as you can read here. The battery charge as well as an obstruction charge have been dropped. the DUI charge remains as well it should. I wonder how many times the arresting officer has been compared to Barney Fife? Since he finds farts so offensive, I hope that officer never sees Blazing Saddles. The campfire scene might kill him.

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