Saturday, September 20, 2008

Collecting Follies.

I am taking a break from my previous posts. I have one more to do but I am going to do it later. The comic book shown here is creating a controversy, and you can read about it here. There are some swear words that did not get totally blacked out and DC recalled the book. Of course copies immediately went on eBay. I just checked. There are 278 copies available, prices ranging from 99 cents to $499.99. The highest bid is currently $192.50. I understand the collector mentality, but this kind of stuff blows my mind. Are people that juvenilish that simply because some swear words are present we will pay almost $200 to own it? I do not have a copy and never will. I like Frank Miller but I have read enough about this series that I don't want to read it. It should come as no surprise that language is present. In issue 1 of this series Miller had Batman tell Robin, "I am the G.D. Batman". I would be amazed if whoever buys this book ever comes close to recovering what they paid for it. The only one who will make a lot of money are the ones who are selling now. My attitude with my collections are they are only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. I don't care what a guide book says. If you hold out for that price you probably won't be making a sale. when I buy off eBay I decide what I am willing to pay for something and if I get outbid whoever bid more can have the item. I refuse to get into a bidding war. If someone is willing to pay $200 for a few blacked out swear words, they must either be an uber-geek or they have more money than sense.

Baseball cards had a similar situation 19 years ago with the Billy Ripken card. There was an obscenity on the knob of his bat. You can read more here. WARNING. If you are offended by obscene words do not click here. There are 19 cards listed on eBay, prices range fron 10 cents to $49.99. There are also 17 in eBay stores, prices running from $1.49 to $$185.00. I have the card. A friend gave me the 1989 factory set for Christmas 2 years ago. Personally I would not pay more than $5.00 for the card. You can read more about this card here.

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