Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mail For The Dead.

For about the last year I have been receiving mail addressed to my wife. Considering she has been dead for nine years I consider that rather strange. Even stranger is the fact that it is the address on it is my current address. She had been gone three years when I moved here. I am curious how that happened. The tale gets even better. Who is sending her mail? Baby manufactures. She is getting offers for diapers, baby insurance, and ads from childrens clothing stores. I laugh every time another one arrives. I did call an 800 number to inform them they were wasting their money. How did that work? I am getting even more mail for her. The coupons they send are not going to waste. One of my co-workers is expecting a baby so I just give her the letters.

One of the things I love about the internet is you can find almost anything here. I always search Google for images to match my posts. I typed in mailbox in a cemetery and found the image that you see. I figured somewhere there would be one and you can see it exists. I like going to cemetaries and looking at the different stones. Since I now have a digital camera I will be periodically I will be posting pictures of stones that I find interesting.

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