Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why Is This Allowed?

Almost two years ago Scott Zeilinski entered Nick's Short Stop Party Store in Clinton Township, Michigan. He was armed with a knife which he held to the throats of several employees and threatened to kill them. He took some cash and cigarettes. As he was leaving one of the employees grabbed a pistol and shot Scott in the back and the arm. He is now suing the store for $125,000 for pain, suffering, and emotional distress. He is currently serving an 8 to 22 year sentence.

I don't understand why this type of lawsuit is allowed. When someone is committing an illegal act and they get hurt that should be their problem. Scott is claiming emotional distress. What about the people who had a knife put to their throats? If anything, they should be suing him. He is not the first criminal to try this. I would like to think a reasonable jury would drop him like a hot potato, but when it comes to that there is no guarantee. Most states have laws prohibiting criminals from profiting from their crimes. Another law is needed to prevent this kind of nonsense.

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