Friday, June 4, 2010


Once again we have someone who failed to use common sense and now wants to sue over it. Lauren Rosenberg is suing Google because she was hit by a car when she followed Google Maps while walking to a destination in Park City, Utah. Part of the route called for her to use a highway. Since there were no sidewalks, Ms. Rosenberg decided the best way to travel that road was to walk down the center of it. Not surprisingly, she was hit by a car. In addition to Google she is also suing the driver who hit her. Her lawyer said he was amazed at the negative publicity that his client has received from this. He also was amazed to learn that there is no Santa Claus.

Too many people today need a class in common sense. Ms Rosenberg is in her 20's, which makes her old enough to know that walking down the middle of a highway is not a good idea. I have not yet ran across a story that says what time the accident happened, but I have seen enough to get the impression that it was in the evening. If that is the case it makes what she did even more ridiculous.

It seems today that no one wants to accept responsibility for their actions. If something bad happens the first thing a lot of people do is try to figure out who they can sue. I am not totally against lawsuits. If someone sells a defective product they should be held accountable. If a doctor is truly negligent he should pay the price. However, a company that makes curling irons should not have to tell people not to use this while you are asleep. You are responsible for your own actions. It is time that comes back into effect.

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Winthrop J. Quiggy said...

I'm going to sue my cat. She never told me if I picked her up and dropped her numerous times she would eventually claw me. Now I have a gaping gash down the side of my arm...