Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm Still Alive.

When it comes to my health I have been extremely fortunate. I do have high blood pressure, but it is controlled by medicine. I get hit by colds and flu, but always the moderate dose and usually within a couple of days I am back in full gear. The worst I have ever been is when I had what I called my flu surgery back in 1999. This past week now ranks as number 2. A week ago Sunday I was feeling a little blah but I figured if I made it through until Tuesday morning I'd be alright. I'd have my two days off and be able to rest during that time. That plan went really well. By Wednesday afternoon it had hit me full bore. By Thursday morning I had lost 15 pounds in two days so I actually decided to go see my doctor. That is a very shocking behavior for me. I was so sick it took me a full hour just to get dressed and go. 

The only time I go see my doctor is to get checked up and my blood pressure medicine refilled. Usually I get lectured about needing to lose weight and quit drinking Diet Coke but he was actually sympathetic towards me. He asked if I wanted a flu test done which would cost me $25. It is a highly sophisticated test. His nurse stuck a cotton swab up my nose. It reacted almost immediately showing that I had type A flu. He gave a prescription for Tamiflu, something for nausea and a note for three days off. He told me if I needed off longer to come back Monday.  Since I still am not recovered I went there earlier and was told he won't be in until noon. I'll go back in a little while and get the note. Thursday I made the observation the Type A Flu inhales vigorously. That was an understatement.


Core Contrarian said...

This will sound like a cliche but I hope you feel better.

Jinxo56 said...

It is no cliche as far as I am concerned. Thank you.