Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Name, Bad Math, And Resuming The Usual Nonsense.

So where have I been? Would you believe that I came into possession of this ring and I had to take it to a mountain to toss it into a lava pit to save all of mankind from being ruled by an evil despot? Not buying that, huh? Would you believe I went on a walkabout? Gee, tough crowd. Would you believe that I had a writers block? O.K., closer to to the truth but not quite. I had a slight block but burn out would probably be a better term. One thing is I am a one-fingered typist and if I have a lot to say it takes quite awhile to get that done. I had considered leaving a post discussing this hiatus, but laziness won out. After all, why do today what can be put off until tomorrow. Then tomorrow never arrives.

So what have I been doing since last June? Let's see, I totally lost my mind. We'll discuss that tomorrow. I am once again single. That will be Friday's topic. If you have been here before you will notice that I changed my name. After I started blogging I realized that using my actual name was not the smartest thing to do. I had considered several times changing it, but as I stated before at times I can be slightly lazy. (O.K. What joker cracked 'slightly'?) As for Jinxo56, Jinxo was my favorite one-shot character from Babylon 5. He will get his own post. I have been using some variation of the name ever since I started getting on-line.

Another change here will be any mention of my employer. In past posts I mentioned the name. Now I will simply say my employer. If you would like a hint I work for the world's largest retailer. So why not just say ***-****? We were informed in a meeting about a month ago that an eye is being kept on social media. I don't recall saying anything extremely negative but why take the chance?

As for the future, I am planning on posting something each day. If I don't feel like typing something out, I will be posting a picture. Some of them I have taken and others I have found online. Sunday will be a song video. As always comments are greatly appreciated and if there is something you would like cleared feel free to ask. For better or worse I am back.

Yes. You in the back? What does the bad math in the title mean and what was that countdown for? When I quit blogging I had been very close to my 500th post. Since I usually do something special for each 100 posts I decided to have a little fun and run the count up so this would be post 500. The bad math? I miscounted and did not realize that this post is number 501.


Winthrop J. Quiggy said...

OK, I have a question. What would the great evil empire do to you if you happened to mention their name in a post? (I won't even mention the fact that its just slightly disturbing that they would have a work force of people whose job is only to monitor the social media...)

Jinxo56 said...


There is nothing in writing and there is a possibility that it is nothing more than an empty threat, but the implication is that you use a public forum to speak ill of them, you will be given the opportunity to seek employment elsewhere. They are extremely image conscious and want to present a wholesome image, not unlike another company ran by a Mouse. I am not going to reread all of my posts, but I usually am a company standard bearer and speak highly of them. Some of their employees are total morons, but I don't hold them responsible for that. I think I will stop the sermon here and work on this theme. I will continue it on Monday.

Al Penwasser said...

Welcome back! We missed you around the Blogger Farm (NOTE: NOT a real place). But, I must admit to being intrigued...
You came into a ring? Why, you sharpshooter, you!

Speaking of speaking ill of an employer, there's a teacher near where I live who got into a TON of trouble for blogging about her students. She never named names but people figured it out. Now there's a big brouhaha about the 1st Amendment. Where I come down on this: you do have freedom of speech, but I personally think she was an idiot to even hint about her students. Good kids got hurt and that's the shame of it.
Oh, BTW, I LOVE the website www.peopleof [unnamed corporation].com
Oh, did I forget to mention? Welcome back!

Jinxo56 said...

I will give you my opinion on the blogging issue next week, but I agree with you that some tact needs to be used.
I'll check out those websites. Thank you for letting me know about them.

Vol-E said...

I know you're a classy gent, so please pardon the bad language that follows.

I am so fucking glad you're back!!!

Seriously, eight months is way too long for a "hiatus." Don't do that again, ever. Okay?

You may have noticed I've changed my name & venue as well. This was just a logistical decision, and I'm just as blocked as ever. Oh, well, tomorrow's another day.

Again, welcome back.