Thursday, September 17, 2009


Beatlemania is back. You can buy the RockStar Beatles game and try your hand at playing with the Beatles. I have never played any of those games. My musical talent is equal to my singing talent. I have always said, you have heard of a person who can't carry a tune in a bucket? I can't carry the bucket. When it comes to musical ability, I play a great stereo.

Better than the game, the entire Beatles catalog has been re-released. The CD's have been remastered. The versions being released are the British versions. With the early United States releases Capital records changed them a little. There were more albums in the U.S. I am a long time Beatles fan. Ironically, I became a fan after they had broken up. I was 13 before I got interested in music. The first album I ever bought was Paul McCartney's Ram. At one time I had all of their albums, but the albums were sold years ago. When they were first released on CD I could not afford them. My plan now is to buy them all, adding more each payday. Last night I bought Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Abbey Road. I listened to them before I started this. The sound is great. There are some purists who claim the only way to listen to music is on the original vinyl. I am not among them. I am enjoying hearing all of these songs again.

I mentioned yesterday that I had a major difference with someones opinion. Entertainment weekly rated the Beatles albums. Two writers are credited with this. I wonder what their criteria was for it. My major gripe with this list is they rated Sgt. Pepper as the seventh best Beatles album. Huh? From the first time I heard it, Sgt. Pepper was my favorite. Rolling Stone ran a list of the 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time. Care to guess what number one was? These people rate it as the seventh best Beatles album. Amazing. I totally disagree, and if you read the comments about it I am not alone.

Dana pointed something out that I said yesterday and I feel I should clarify it. I made the comment about Kanye West's apology on Jay Leno's show was half-hearted. I should have worded it that it appeared to me it was a half-hearted apology. I intend on severely punishing my editor. He should have pointed that out to me.
In yesterday's question there were three singular nouns, Jeff, park, and flock.
Today's question is Grade 4/English.

True or False? The word wow is an interjection.
I knew this one. 136-22.


Travis said...

Ah, you don't need any musical talent to play Rock band or any of its ilk.

answer: true

Jeff said...

Much like Guitar Hero. No knowledge of the guitar is needed.