Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jesse Is That You?

In February I bought some Topps American Heritage cards. I wrote about it here. I mentioned that I was to receive a Jesse Ventura relic card. It was supposed to ship in May. In May I received an email from Topps saying they were having problems with the card. I had the option of getting another card then or waiting. Since I like Jesse I opted to wait. Tuesday there was a package in the mail. Looking forward to to Jesse card I immediately opened it up. Enclosed was a letter telling me that they had problems with the Jesse card and they were sending me a different card instead. The card was placed between 4 pieces of cardboard for protection. I cut the tape holding the cardboard and there was my relic card. Instead of Jesse Ventura I got Erik Estrada. It is a relic card, but to replace Jesse Ventura with Erik Estrada is somewhat of a let down. I did watch C.H.I.P.S. when I was a kid, but is not something I would watch today. Oh well, at least I got something.
Travis was right. Odin was greatest of all Norse Gods.
Today's question is Grade 2/Vocabulary.

What word that starts with the letter "Q" can mean both a spike on a porcupine or a bird feather used as a pen?
I knew this one. 142-22.

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Travis said...

Answer: Quill

Sorry, to hear about the card, Howard that sucks. Did they ever say what the problem was on the card?