Saturday, February 7, 2009

Topps American Heritage.

To borrow a phrase from Monty Python, "And now for something completely different." After 2 very personal posts let's delve into a light-hearted subject. Topps has just released an American Heritage set. They have been doing Heritage sets for the last few years, putting modern players on the designs of their past cards. I have always liked these. Now they have gone one step further. This set takes historical figures, authors, industrialists, explorers, ect. and put then into a 150 card set. 25 of the cards cover the past election and those cards are short printed, meaning there are less of them. I like sets like this. It is small and fairly easy to get. Being a history buff I also enjoy it from that aspect. There are a few cards here of people that I was not aware of. I like researching things so I am going to expand my knowledge. If you are interested here is a total overview of the set from the blog Cardboard Junkie.

I selected the John Deere card because it reminded me of growing up on the farm. Motorcycle enthusiasts can identify a Harley-Davidson just from the sound. Farm boys are the same way with John Deere tractors. Dad always preferred Allis-Chalmers and International Harvester over John Deere, but there were enough around that we soon learned what the sound was.

There is also a set for the Presidents. They used the Topps 1952 card design for them. They are randomly packed. I hope to eventually get a full set. I currently have John Tyler, Millard Fillmore, Grover Cleveland(second term0, Harry Truman, Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush. Right now on eBay you can find the President Obama card going for as much as $54.95. I will wait for the price to go down. I also got a redemption card for a Jesse Ventura relic card. I am not exactly sure what it will turn out to be. I redeemed the card on-line and was told by Topps that I would receive the card by May 22. I will scan and post it here when it arrives.

I did have a winner of the trivia question from Thursday's post. My friend Jason from the Captain Comics board new about the song 200 Years.

Travis was right about yesterday's question. The answer is true.

This weekends question is Grade 2/English.

How many adjectives are in the following sentence? "David takes good care of his hairy dog."

I got overconfident and missed this one. 24-8.