Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Oscars.

I love movies, but I have no plan on seeing this years best picture, or any of the other nominees. My tastes in movies are more action, comedy, and science fiction, areas that the Academy tends to ignore. I like reading movie reviews to get an idea about movies that I am not sure whether or not I want to see. I am a little prejudiced about this, but The Dark Knight should have at least been nominated. It was my favorite of last year.

I know conditions are bad in India and I don't really want to watch that so the winner, Slumdog Millionaire is out. The background story of The Reader kind of creeps me out, so that one is a pass. Frost/Nixon is historical, but I already know the story and I don't need to revisit it in a version that has a few discrepancies with the truth. (I know I blogged earlier about not learning history from the movies. The inaccuracies are not the main reason that I don't want to see this movie.) Milk is also based on history. The main reason I don't want to see that is I don't care for Sean Penn. I know that is illogical, but even Spock realized we are illogical people. If I were to watch any of the nominees, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button would be the one. I like Brad Pitt, but reading what this movie is about just leaves me indifferent.

I saw 5 movies in theaters last year. I am not sure how many I will see this year. I know of at least 2, Watchmen, which comes out next month, and Star Trek, which will be out in May. I will review those after I see them.

Al was right about yesterday's question. Franklin Roosevelt was elected 4 times. Because of that the rules have been changed and it won't happen again.

Today's question is Grade 2/Music. Which of the following is NOT a percussion instrument? A) flute B) triangle C) drum
I knew this one. 36-10.


Dr. Mike Parnell said...

No worries, Howard. I go the movies enough for the both of us!

Al Penwasser said...

The flute is non-percussion.
By the way, I agree with you 100% about the Oscars. The Dark Knight was my absolute favorite movie last year (and arguably the best Ihave ever seen) and I think was #6 out of five nominated movies. Sean Penn? I wouldn't watch him in a dog food commercial. Frost/Nixon? Like you, I know the story, but I know how it would be spun so, no thank you. I might see The Reader, but only because of Kate Winslet (I know-I'm a bad man). Of the lot, Benjamin Button is the one I will see (if only On Demand). I will see Star Trek in the movie theater. Looks cool.
Don't be a bit surprised if an effort is made to elect a president more than twice (Bill Clinton opined about doing it and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the Lord Messiah did the same).