Monday, February 9, 2009


Joe Torre wrote a book about his years with the Yankees, called of course The Yankee Years. One of the people who did not come off well in the book was Alex Rodriguez. According to Torre A-Rod's teammates call him A-Fraud. He does have a reputation for putting himself above the team. Of course some people quickly accused Torre of stretching the truth in order to sell books. They also felt he wrote it because he was upset with the way he departed the Yankees. Now the story comes out that A-Fraud is the truth. Some have suspected but until now it has not been proven. A-Rod failed a steroid test in 2003. He is another one that makes you wonder why he would do it. His statistics up until then were great. Part of A-Rod's problem is his ego. He has extremely high expectations of himself. Until now he has always denied using steroids. He has never come out and directly denied it, but he always said talk to the players association, knowing they would never reveal the truth. Had he come out then and admitted it I think people would have been more forgiving. We are now seeing a steroid backlash. Mark McGwire received less votes this year than he did last year. A lot of that comes from the fact that Mark will not admit to taking anything. He was caught with it and still insists it was nothing. It will be sometime before baseball cleans up this steroid mess. If they would get serious about it that would help. Give a suspension for the first offense and then ban them on the second offense. Of course the players Association would never go for that. After all, in the '90's they insisted Steve Howe keep getting another chance. Howe was suspended 7 times for drug use. It seems in their eyes the players can do no wrong.

The answer to the weekends question was 2, with good and hairy being the adjectives.

Today's question is Grade 5/Science.

What is the name for a sub-atomic particle that has no electrical charge?

Science is definitely not my strong suit. I had no idea. 24-9.

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Travis said...

Well he tested positive in 2003, there is no reason to assume he wasn't using steroids before then. Most likely he was, he was just never tested before then.

I believe the answer is: neutron