Thursday, February 19, 2009

Too Many Eggs In The Basket.

I consider myself very fortunate. In this area, unemployment is skyrocketing. Dalton, GA, 20 miles north of me, has the second highest unemployment rate in the country. This is carpet country. 85% of all carpeting made in the country is made in Georgia. Some believe that the situation is even worse than the numbers reflect. There is a large Hispanic population here, both legal and illegal. A lot of those have left the area because there simply are no jobs. Most of the factories that are operating are working on a reduced schedule. They are trying to diversify and bring different business' in this area. Calhoun has been doing that for the last few years. When you rely too heavily on one industry this is what happens.

I work for one of the few companies that are doing good. It also helps that I am not in management. Wal-Mart is putting a lot of pressure on the managers. They have announced layoffs at the corporate level, but the stores are not being hit. I am not worried about my job because I am one of the better stockers, plus I can be put almost anywhere in the store and still do a good job.

I feel sorry for those who are out of work. Hopefully we will see a recovery soon.
Travis and Mike were right about the bubonic plague, or the Black Death as it was called. Al, the Medieval acne plague hit about 50 years later. (It is nice knowing there is someone else out there with a weird sense of humor.)

Today's question is Grade 3/English. What is used to indicate the beginning of a paragraph? A) a capital letter B) an apostrophe C) an indent.
Even though I am guilty of not using it, I know the answer. 32-10.


Dr. Mike Parnell said...

I am happy you feel secure, Howard.

The answer is indent.

Al Penwasser said...

Would the answer be "an indent?" I was thinking a capital letter but, in the spirit of "picking the best answer," indent may be the correct choice (especially since "bloody thumbprint" wasn't an option).
Speaking of the Bubonic Plague, I just heard on the radio that a couple of rats with the plague escaped from a New Jersey laboratory. Evidently, they were bitter they weren't allowed any conjugal visits. In any event, if I see any rats coughing in my neighborhood, I won't pick them up.
I agree with you that being a valuable worker is always the way to go. Many years ago, when I was part of a ship's crew, I made myself the best worker in my shop. That way, when the workcenter supervisor had to pick someone to work on the mess decks, he didn't want to lose me and sent someone else.