Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Good For You.

Vitaminwater. Sounds healthy doesn't it. It is a product from Coke and that brand is a sponsor of the NCAA basketball tournament and the Final Four. It comes in 15 flavors, but if the athletes drink 6 of the flavors they run the risk of failing drug tests. I am not sure what is so bad about some of the substances, but the NCAA forbids them. They are trying very hard to educate the players on what flavors are alright. I question the NCAA's judgment on this. They want the bucks from Coke, yet say a player faces a ban if he drinks some of them. Greed once again plays a part in life. My feeling is either except them all, or have another Coke product replace it. I personally don't buy any of those enhanced drinks. I will stick with my Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi. I prefer Diet Coke, but I am wallet loyal, not brand loyal. I buy whichever one is on sale.
Sorry Travis. You got them reversed. Tendons was the right answer.

Today's question is Grade 3/U.S. History. Today is Abraham Lincoln's birthday. Following what famous Civil War battle did he say, "This Nation...shall not perish from the earth?
Do I really need to say I knew this? 27-9.

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Travis said...

My guess would be Gettysburg