Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Looking At The News.

Three stories in the news caught my attention. The first was the woman who had 8 babies. This article says cash wasn't her motivation for having the babies. She has a spokesman, but was not looking to cash in when she decided to use in-vitro and have 8 babies. Who is this spokesman, Rod Blagojevich? My favorite part was the last line in the story where the spokesman did say there have been movie and other media offers, but it is too early to discuss how much money she might receive. The woman now has 14 children and is not married. I think the medical community needs to look at the ethics involved here. First of all, she already had 6 children. Why on earth did they put 8 embryos inside her? How did she pay for it? Most parents, when multiple births are involved, do get freebies. Usually they get diapers, baby food, and other baby accessories. Manufacturers are hesitating here. They are afraid of a backlash if they help. We will see what happens.

The banks still don't get it. They were bailed out, yet continue to reward employees as if they did a good job. Wells Fargo was going to treat their employees with 12 days in Las Vegas, including a private Jimmy Buffet concert. What were they rewarding them for, running the company into the ground? The government gave them $25 billion. They shouldn't even have rated a Happy Meal at McDonalds let alone a Las Vegas vacation. Unfortunately it took criticism to wake them up.

The last item took place in Russia. It is another example of why excessive drinking is a bad idea. It seems this man came across a raccoon and he decided to get intimate with it. The raccoon objected and bit off the offending appendage. I wonder if Lorena Bobbit ever considered that?

Tomorrow is my 200th post which will have 25 things about me and a contest with an actual prize.
Travis took the 50-50 chance and got it right. The answer was true.

Today's question is another true-false one. Grade 1/Math.

True or false? The sum of two whole numbers is always another whole number.

I got this one. I am now 22-7.

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Alexandra Kitty said...

Selfish, selfish, selfish.

You have a woman who only cared about what SHE wanted -- if she loved kids so much, she could have adopted older kids who were thrown away or abused.

You have executives were Armani suits as they go begging -- but then go blow it at the slots -- reminds me of when I went to Atlantic City and the Boardwalk was littered with well-dressed elderly lade wearing Christian Dior begging for quarters so they could play the slots, except they weren't in charge of other people's money. Fire the entire lot of them because nothing short of that is going to help the economy.

And kudos to the raccoon performing a public service!

Great stuff, Howard.