Friday, February 6, 2009

Dirty Laundry.

When I did my entry yesterday there were two items that I debated about putting in there. I could have easily replaced them but I decided to leave them in. When I started this blog I thought I would basically review comic books and talk about my baseball cards. I never intended to reveal as much about me that I have, but I like doing it. It is almost therapy for me and the cost of it makes my inner Jack Benny very happy. The two items need a little more information. The two of course were:

7. My daughters do not speak to me.

8. I have 5 grandchildren. 2 of them I have not seen since my wife's funeral. The other 3 I have not seen in over 5 years.

My daughters share the same birthday but were born 3 years apart. I am not sure why my oldest is ignoring me. She lives in Illinois so we do have a distance barrier. I believe part of the problem is guilt. She did not speak to her mother often while she was alive, and I think talking to me drives it home. That is purely speculation on my part. My son lives here in Georgia and talks to her occasionally. I have told him to have her call but I am still waiting. My oldest daughter has three children, but they are not living with her. She was married twice, having a son with her first husband and a boy and a girl by her second. My grandchildren by her second husband are the ones I have not seen since the funeral.

I know why my youngest daughter is upset with me. It is because I was living with the one who left in the middle of the night. What offended her was she was older than the one who left. I guess to have made her happy I should have gone into a monastery. Had I got with that one shortly after my wife had died she would have been justified. I waited 4 years. My life did not end that day. I am sorry she can't see that but that is life. I would love to have them all back into my life, but I am not going to force myself on them. My door is always open to them. I just hope they take advantage of it before it is too late.

Now you probably know more about me than you ever cared to learn. While thinking about this post last night a joke came to mind.

A preacher is trying to stir up his congregation. He delivers a powerful message about confession and how it is good for the soul. When he is done he challenges the congregation to confess aloud.
One of the men jumps up and says, "Preacher. I have had a struggle with alcohol. Now that you all know you can all help me keep away from the bottle."
The preacher says, "That's great. Now someone else tell us."
Another man jumps up and says, "Preacher. I have a problem with lust. I have been lusting after my secretary. When I go to work tomorrow I will change secretary's and purge that lust."
The preacher says, "Now you people are getting into the spirit. Someone else get up and tell us."
A man jumps up and says, "Preacher, I had sex with a goat."
Dead silence falls over the congregation. The preacher looks at the man and says, "Whoa brother. I don't believe I'd have told that."

My question about Henry Gibson was to obscure. Henry was one of the stars of Robert Altman's movie Nashville. Altman had all the stars write a song. Henry's was called 200 Years. The lyrics for the song are:
My mother's people came by ship
And fought at Bunker Hill
My daddy lost a leg in France
I have his medal still
My brother served with Patton
I saw action in Algiers
Oh we must be doin' somethin' right
To last 200 years.

I pray my sons won't go to war
But if they must, they must.
I share our country's motto
And in God I place my trust.
We may have had our ups and downs
Our times of trials and fears.
But we must be doin' somethin' right
To last 200 years.

I've lived through two depressions
And seven Dust Bowl droughts
Floods, locusts and tornadoes
But I don't have any doubts.
We're all a part of history
Why Old Glory waves to show
How far along we've come 'til now
How far we've got to go.

It's been hard work but every time
We get into a fix
Let's think of what our children faced
In two - ought - seven - six.
It's up to us, to pave the way
With our blood and sweat and tears.
For we must be doin' somethin' right
To last 200 years.

I'll see if I can come up with another contest for that card.
The answer to yesterdays question was Sherwood Forest of course.
Today's question is Grade 4/Geography:

True or false? Meridians measure degrees of longitude.

I guessed on this one and guessed right. 24-7.


Radiodad said...


I hope that someday soon you and your daughters will be reconciled. I can't imagine how I'd take it if my daughter refused to speak to me.

Travis said...

That is hard, Howard. I've seen the same thing with friends of mine and their siblings, and it is just a foreign concept to me. Hopefully everything will work out between ya'll. It looks like you have a good relationship with your son.

Answer: true

Howard Bagby said...

Thanks, Don and Travis. I really do hope it works out.