Monday, February 16, 2009

Here We Go Again.

I realize I write a lot about Illinois. I spent the first 39 years of my life there, my Mother and one of my brothers still live there, as well as many other relatives and friends. I like keeping up with what goes on there. You have to admit it can be quit interesting, especially Illinois politics. The Rod Blagojevich show was canceled, although he keeps trying. One of his last moves was to appoint Roland Burris to the senate to replace President Obama. Burris testified before the Illinois House Of Representatives that he had had no contact with Governor Blagojevich's brother or any other member of his staff. Now the story changes. He talked with Robert Blagojevich three times. I have a feeling one or more of those conversations are on the tapes the U.S. Attorney has on Blagojevich. Burris of course is proclaiming innocence. He said "I've always conducted myself with honor and integrity. At no time did I ever make any inconsistent statement." He was asked point blank about Robert Blagojevich, consulted with his attorney before answering, and denied it. Now he claims he wasn't given a chance to respond to the question. Illinois is trying to get over the mess of Blagojevich, and now this. Before now, I actually had liked Burris. I voted for him every time he ran, first for State Comptroller, then for Attorney General. The honorable thing for him to would be to resign now, but that won't happen. Burris comes up for election next year. If he is wise he won't be a candidate.The answer to the weekend question was Psyche. I agreed with Travis and thought the answer was Venus. Had it been Venus there would have been a Jerry Springer show waiting. Venus was Cupid's mother.

Today's question is Grade 4/U.S. History. Who was the fifth president of the United States? A) Thomas Jefferson B) James Madison C) James Monroe

I can name all the presidents in order from memory so this one was easy. 29-10.

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Travis said...

Well I know it isn't Jefferson as he is the third president. After that I get a bit shaky. I will say James Monroe