Friday, February 20, 2009

My 5 Worst Foods.

The dining critic of the Atlanta Journal-Register posted her list of 5 foods she doesn't like. She makes a good point that those who review restaurants are believed to like everything. I like watching Iron Chef America and there are shows that I wonder how the judges could eat what is put in front of them. The one I really wondered about was Battle Offal. While looking up a link for that I found out the the challenging chef, Chris Cosentino was offering his dishes at his restaurant. For only $95 you too could enjoy such succulent dishes as County Fair Gut Fry and "Turf and Surf": Tripe and Clam. Are you hungry yet? You can find the entire menu here. Any way, here is my list.

1. Liver. I don't care how you fix it, you can't mask that flavor.

2. Spinach. Not only does it taste bad, I have always believed that eating spinach causes physical abnormalities. It causes your forearms to bulk out, one eye to go shut, an irresistable urge to start smoking a corn cob pipe, and you walk around muttering to yourself. People think I am weird enough as is. Of course if Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez had eaten spinach instead of using steroids they wouldn't be having any trouble today.

3. Sushi. I have tried it in 3 different restaraunts and I still think it should be cooked.

4. Turkey. This is because of my personal beliefs. I think cannibalism is wrong.

5. Tuna. Just opening the can is enough to drive me away.

When it comes to eating I am willing to try almost anything. That is why I tried sushi 3 times. I realize that a chef could have an off day, so I usually will give foods 2 chances before I reject them.
Mike and Al were both right, paragraphs should start with indents. I knew that but have been lazy about doing it. I am starting using them today.

Today's question is Grade 5/Measurements. How many watts are used during one kilowatt hour?

I guessed on this one. My guess was correct. I am smarter than I look.(At least that's what I tell myself.)


Radiodad said...

One thousand watts, I think.

I can't stand liver either. Spinach is acceptable if it's used in a salad, but never out of a can.

Travis said...

I agree with, Don: 1000.

Dinner plans between me and Howard might be tough though.

Beef liver I don't like, but fried chicken livers are great.
Fresh spinach is great I believe, it actually has flavor as opposed to your iceberg lettuce. I freaking love sushi. I grew into that when I worked at the Japanese grocery store. I am 100% with ya on canned tuna though.

Al Penwasser said...

1000 watts.

I don't like beef live and I really don't like collards-Spinach of the South.

Al Penwasser said...

I meant beef liveR.

Beef LIVE would actually be a cow...or bull. Especially when they were lying down-then they'd be ground beef.

Ouch.. Sorry.