Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lord Of The Onion Rings.

I saw this painting the other day and I would love to own, but the $900 price tag puts it a little out of my reach. The artist is Dave MacDowell. If you have some time check out some of his other paintings. The Lord Of The Rings is my all time favorite movie. I count all three movies as one. I'll talk about that the other day.

In yesterday's comments comments Caron said "I usually just shrug it off or complain to a friend in a mocking sort of way like, "Can you believe they don't love me anymore? They stopped selling the only yogurt I will eat: raccoon and pomegranate!" I forgot that I was going to mention that I went around telling people that we wouldn't be getting any more bonuses because that lady wasn't buying any more fifty cent yogurts. By the way Caron, the reason that we quit carrying the raccoon and pomegranate is because pomegranate is so out of style. We have replaced it with raccoon and acai berry. Seriously, acai berry is hot right now. They have just put it out in a pudding with dark chocolate.

Inventory is Thursday morning and I won't be there. I am holding back the tears real well. Now if they will give me off Black Friday my year will be fantastic. I'm not holding my breath on that one. I'll be shocked if I get it off.


A piece of news said...

Acai, you say?

[I crack myself up]

Your bonuses are safe. I will begin again.

A piece of news said...

Oh and...

"Lord of the Onion Rings" is FUNNY. I like that.

Howard Bagby said...

Caron-We all appreciate your efforts to help us with our bonuses. actually I have been considering a post on the acai berry. I'll step that one up now.

Core Contrarian said...

Don't volunteer to open the front doors on Black Friday. People have done that before and it hasn't worked out so well for them.

Let someone else do it.

Howard Bagby said...

Core Contrarian-We are a 24 hour store so we don't have that problem. To avoid that tragedy from happening again last year all stores were 24 hour stores for that day.