Friday, March 26, 2010

One Bag Of Money To Go.

I enjoy reading about dumb criminals. It is amazing what people think they can actually get away with. The other day at Wal-Mart a man was arrested for shoplifting. According to him his girlfriend sent him to the store to steal. Not only that, she had given him a list. His story was supported by the list being on a text message on his phone. His girlfriend is being charged with being an accessory.

As dumb as that was it will be very hard for anyone to top Albert Bailey of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Bailey phoned a branch of the People's Bank in Fairfield, Connecticut and told them to have a bag containing $100,000 ready or there would be a bloodbath. The bank went on lockdown and of course called the police. What they were not aware of was Baily had a 16 year old accomplice already in the bank. He handed a teller the note unaware of the fact someone else was calling the police. They gave him a bag containing $9000 and let him out of the bank as Bailey pulled up. Of course the police grabbed them immediately. They both should have plenty of time to think about the errors of their ways.

I had said I was going to post something every day that made me smile. This story was it.

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