Sunday, January 27, 2008

Countdown 18/11

I have not been posting because I have been sick. I finally realized why. I had been taking blood pressure medicine but a few months ago I didn't have the money to go see the doctor so I had no medicine. Since the October Incident that I have spoken about I have had the money, but I kept putting it off. Tuesday I will see the doctor and get back on the medicine. I also will be picking up my new glasses that day. That is another thing overdue. My old glasses broke a couple of years ago and once again finances prevented new ones. I had an eye exam Thursday and was told yesterday they were in. I got the call as I was getting ready for bed so I decided to just wait until Tuesday. I will get my prescription filled and get the glasses at the same time.

Now to explain the title. In 18 days it will be Valentines Day. No, there is no romantic involvement for me on that day. At 2:25 AM I will be boarding a Greyhound bus which will arrive in Springfield, Illinois at 3:05 PM. I will be picked up by my parents. This is a vacation, not a move. The reason I am going by bus is my parents bought a new car and they are giving me their old one. Considering my car currently has 182,000 miles on it, I am very happy to go there. It will probably cost me more money driving back than it did going up there. I have already bought my ticket. Since I bought it more than 14 days before departure it only cost $45.00. It would have been $109.00 had I purchased it just before I left. My inner Jack Benny is ecstatic.

The 11 means I have 11 more days at Taco Bell and then I cut that back to 2 days a week, Wednesday and Saturday. Those are the days their truck arrives. I am planning on making daily posts here but Saturdays may become picture days, where I will post pictures that make me laugh. I will be posting daily from now on, but depending on the time factor the post may mainly be the countdown. When I return from Illinois I will also start buying comic books again, which I will be reviewing here.

Update on my previous post, that was a firing offense. To quote Stan Lee "Nuff said!"

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