Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What does it take to get fired?

I realize that today we are in a society that is overly cautious on some things, but sometimes it is ridiculous. I have a co-worker, in the frozen food department, who does very little. I have complained about him, the department manager has complained about him, and nothing has happened. Almost every manager in the store has observed him not working, yet the only thing that has been done has been talk. They talk to him, he straightens up and does more for a couple of days, then it is back to doing nothing. He leaves one hour after I start so usually I have little contact with him. Last Saturday night he was working with me. At 10:20 he went to put something in one of the freezer doors at the end of the aisle. For 10 minutes I didn't see him. I had something to go in the end doors, and there he is standing talking to a couple. I know the couple are friends of his because I have seen him talking to the before. I then said something really bad to him. I told him we have a lot of work to do. I realize now just how mean and vicious that was. He walked away with that couple. A few minutes later he came back and handed me a package with 2 pacifiers in it and said that was for me and then walked away. I got angry but kept working. At 10:50 I went to stock the freezer doors on another aisle. I saw my co-worker standing in the produce section, which is next to frozen foods, talking on his cell phone. I finished what I had to put out and decided I was going to say something about the pacifier and his not working to an assistant manager.
The office I talked to the manager in is next to the time clock. As I left guess who was clocking out. I was heading back to the department but did not get far when my co-worker came charging at me, got in my face, poked me in the chest, and told me if I ever went to a manger about him again he would stomp my ass. He did this in front of another store employee. To avoid further confrontation I headed back to the office. I don't remember him doing so, but I am told he tried to block me from going to the back and gave me a shove which caused my arm to go up. To me the grounds for firing are there. Most of the incident are on video. Of course the chest poke isn't, but the rest of it is. His 40 minutes of goofing off is on video, including the cell phone call, which is a direct violation of corporate policy. Threatening a fellow employee is grounds for dismissal, yet he has still worked for 2 days. The incident is under investigation. There is more than enough evidence, but they are letting corporate personnel make that decision. To say I am disgusted is an understatement. I am sure he is going to be fired, but this delay is ridiculous. I will post an update when the decision is made.

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Jeff said...

Yeah, we're stuck under so much red tape right now it's not even funny. Good post, man.