Saturday, February 2, 2008

Feelin' Groovy

Now I have really dated myself.(And it wasn't a cheap date either. Sorry. I couldn't resist.) Anyway, I am feeling better today than I have for the past two weeks. My blood pressure is returning to normal. I really noticed it at work last night. One of the tasks I have is unloading a meat and produce truck. The produce area is next to the frozen and we have to pull the pallets to that section. Lately when I pulled a pallet I would get out of breath and my head would throb. Not last night. It didn't bother me at all.

This morning I went to Taco Bell and unloaded their truck. There is a new promotion going on featuring the new Fiesta Platters, which have chicken or steak Ranchero Soft Tacos, rice, beans nacho chips and salsa. Since this is being featured more had to be ordered and I had to figure out where to put it all. While I was doing that my boss went out and cleaned the parking lot for me. That actually was a major task as it looked like someone had thrown a big party there. After i had everything done I asked him about next weeks schedule. He has hired someone to replace me and I asked if he was going to schedule me for 5 days or if I was going to do less. He told me I would only be working 3 days next week. He also said I may only be doing the truck on my two days, but he wasn't sure about that yet. If that happens I will only be working about 4 hours a week. I have no problem with that. Tomorrow I am only scheduled for 2 hours which means I only have to do the minimum. I will be out of there in about an hour and a half, if that long.

Countdown is now 12/5.

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