Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Return Of The War Between The States

The call for the militia hasn't been issued yet, but it will probably be coming soon. This version of the War Between the States will not be on as grand of a scale as the previous one, which took place 147 years ago. In fact, the participants in this one are only two, Georgia and Tennessee. The cause of this conflict? Water. Some lawmakers in Georgia want to annex about a mile of the southern part of Tennessee to lay claim to the Tennessee River. This actually is an old border dispute, dating back to 1818. The land really should belong to Georgia, but after this length of time the odds on them getting it is remote. Three other times, in 1899, 1905, and 1915, the Georgia legislature tried to get this land. Tennessee officials agreed a mistake was made, but nothing ever came of it.

We are in the midst of a drought here in Georgia, but the real problem here is a major lack of planning. Atlanta and the surrounding area has grown bigger than expected. There were warnings 50 years ago that there could be a problem and plans should be made for the water supply. Of course that would have taken tax money away from the 'glamorous' projects that politicians love so much. Who wants to think about water when we can build these new buildings and the roads that will take you to them. Then we can name the roads after the politician who had the pull to get the project funded. Water? Just look at that lake. There is plenty of water there. Now let's think about other things.

The picture here is from Lake Lanier, outside of Atlanta. The area where you see the man used to be under water. Experts have said under ideal conditions it will be several years before the lakes return to normal. Water conservation has become very important around here, although they are relaxing it a little. Hopefully the people have learned that with rapid growth there can be a price to pay. Maybe it will slow them down a little, but I am not holding my breath waiting.

On a personal note, I was asked if I wanted any more hours at Taco Bell. Since I cut back he has hired two people, neither one of which worked out. I have agreed to work an extra three days every two weeks, one week I will work 3 and the next 4. I am going to keep this blog going even with this schedule. I am enjoying this too much to quit now.

Today's Distinguished Hero is Ted Williams. The card reads: "No Big Leaguer ever gave more of himself-or his career-to his country than did Ted Williams. A flying ace in the U.S. Marines Air Corps, Williams served the United States with distinction both World War II and Korea. An instructor during World War II, he flew 37 combat missions during the Korean War, earning anMedal for his service. All told, he missed nearly five seasons while in the Navy."

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