Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

Most of my computer knowledge comes from trial and error. My wife got her GED in 1999 and started college studying office skills. We got the computer to help her studies. I always intended on having her show me some things on it, but it didn't happen. To help her further, we got the internet in May, 2000. I spent a little amount of time online, but I never logged on. She did all that. I didn't even know how the passwords. When she died in June I got a crash course in using a computer and the internet. They would not tell me the password, but after I explained the situation they reset it for me. Spending time online helped keep my mind off of other things. I learned a lot, but there was plenty I did not know. Last year I bought a three-in-one printer/scanner/copier. She who left me was here at that time. If I needed anything scanned she did it for me. After she left in October I tried to scan some baseball cards and could not get them right. The picture was too small and I couldn't figure out how to fix it. Yesterday as you saw I managed to figure it out. I got over-confident and thought I knew exactly what I was doing and promptly ran into trouble today. Once again however I figured it out. I am going to start posting a baseball card a day and I will explain why I chose that card. Tomorrow I will also post a panel from a comic book. I am going to try and make this a daily fixture also. So see, even old dogs can learn new tricks. I firmly believe that you should learn something new every day. Your mind needs to be exercised as well as your body does.

Todays baseball card is one I just got today. Upper Deck and Topps have both put out cards of politicians this year. They are special subsets which make them harder to get. This of course is that famous Chicago White Sox fan, Barak Obama. My spell checker does not like the nasme Barak Obama. It suggested Bark Mamba. I like that suggestion.

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Jeff said...

Man, I need to get back into baseball cards! It's been years since I remember the thrill of getting two packs from the drug store and opening up outside the store before going home.