Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Comics, Week 2

I know what you are thinking.( I am psychic. Or is that psychotic? I get those two mixed up.) Didn't you just post 2 days ago about buying comics? Of course I did. I bought them last Wednesday, but I was talking about my trip, so the comics post got delayed. Once again I spent a lot. Next week the amount of spending goes way down. I have been playing catch-up, and now things will slow down. I already am falling behind in reading, but I will be reading a lot tonight to start getting caught up. What I bought today was:

Action 862
Batman 674
Blue Beetle 24
Captain America 35
Countdown 13 through 9
Justice Society Of America 13
Legion Of Super-Heroes 39
Thor 6
Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters 6
Star wars Legacy 20
Star Wars Dark Times 8 & 9
Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic 25
Star Wars Legacy 19
Star Wars Rebellion 11
Abe Sapien The Drowning 1
Buffy The Vampire Slayer 11
I also picked up the first 4 issues of The Death Of The New Gods.

I have read a few of the books I bought last week. Here are some quick reviews.

The Spirit 13 & 14
The Spirit started out as a Sunday comic book inserted into newspapers in 1940. DC has reprinted almost the entire 12 year run. The strip was a classic, which makes it a hard act to follow. I thought both of these issues were extremely well done, capturing the spirit of The Spirit perfectly. I look forward to more.

Booster Gold 0 (Yes that is issue #0)
If time travel paradoxes give you a headache, grab a bottle of Excedrin and dive into this book. Booster Gold was never one of my favorite heroes, but I like this take on him. He tries to save his good friend, Ted Cord, The Blue Beetle, who was murdered almost two years ago. I am looking forward to see where they are taking this.

The Death Of The New Gods 5 & 6
I started collecting comics when Jack Kirby was producing what they called the Fourth world. The first issue of New Gods I bought was #6, which some consider Kirby's greatest story. My personal favorite was #7, which explained a lot of the background behind Kirby's worlds. I am not sure what direction they are going with this series. They have killed a lot of the New Gods in this series, but death in comics usually is only a minor inconvenience. I liked these issues enough I picked up the first 4.

What I am seeing is right now is an exciting time in comics. I used to be a completest and would have to buy every issue of a title. I have got over that. Now if I don't like the direction the book is heading, I drop it. There is no point wasting your time on a title you are not enjoying.

Today's Distinguished Hero is Stan Musial. Here is what they say: "After earning 1943 National League MVP honors and making two straight NL All-Star Teams, Stan was a bona fide Big-League star by 1944. When his country called, though, Musial answered. He credited his time playing ball at Maryland's Bainbridge Naval Base with helping him develop as a power hitter, and he continued to play-even pitching a few games-after shipping out to Pearl Harbor in Hawaii."

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