Monday, February 22, 2010

Retail For Dummies.

I have mentioned before at Wal-Mart we periodically take what we call CBL's, which is short for computer based learning. They cover everything you need to know to do your job properly. Wal-Mart is instituting a new program that I am calling retail for dummies. I took it over the weekend. It starts by asking you, have you ever not been sure what to do? For me, no. I have a total of 21 years retail experience. I have been a department manager and an assistant manager. I have always believed that anyone who works retail and claims they have nothing to do doesn't want to do anything.

Basically what this new program is doing is creating a checklist for each job. The list will be broken down into times and by a certain time you should have certain tasks done. This will effect first and second shifts more than third. For me it is not necessary to have that list, but it really is needed to keep others focused. I have seen a lot of wasted time where the general attitude is let someone else do it. This checklist makes them more accountable, which is a good thing. Too many people have the attitude that retail is easy work. I have mentioned before that my mother-in-law kept asking my wife why didn't I go to a factory and get a real job. I enjoy working retail more than anything else that I have done. hopefully this new policy will get some of the other shifts doing more and make our jobs a little easier.

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