Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How Did You Catch Me?

Some shoplifters are extremely sly and hard to catch in the act. Others are, to borrow a phrase I heard James Garner use when he was playing Bret Maverick, about twelve biscuits shy of a dozen. One of those was caught in the Rome, Georgia Wal-Mart. He attempted to leave through the garden center with a few things hidden in his pants. What was he trying to steal? A rotisserie chicken, some hot wings, a mouth guard and two toothbrushes. How he thought that wouldn't be noticed is amazing. Secondly, those chickens are kept hot so that must have been extremely uncomfortable. Am I shocked to hear about this? Not really. I have seen so much of this type of stupidity I just shake my head.

Last night when I was sorting out a pallet of frozen foods I saw something that made me smile. Some cookies that went to to the bakery department were labeled "sugar free and no sugar added." It was very reassuring to know that.


Jeff said...

Regardless of how obvious a rotisserie chicken must have looked tucked into his pants, the fact that he could even FIT that into them indicates he must have some GIANT pants. Either he's one big guy, or he's still stuck in the 90's and wearing those gigantic shorts that buckle just above the knees.

Jinxo56 said...

I wondered about that too. I figure he had on some kind of stretch pants. I would love to see a picture of him, but I doubt if one exists.