Thursday, March 17, 2011

Not An Urban Legend.

I love urban legends and the way that people swear they are true. Of course when you ask for the facts they heard it from someone who knew someone whose third cousin had a babysitter that it actually happened too. Of course today it comes in an email that gets passed around. Anytime I hear something that doesn't quite ring true I check out to find out the real tale.

I have a friend in Illinois who I talk to every week. He doesn't have the internet so he is always giving me things to look up. He had heard a tale on the NPR show, Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, that sounded like a classic urban legend. A flight attendant was fired for putting a baby in the overhead storage compartment. I knew that Snopes had not covered that because I have their RSS feed on my homepage, so I did a search and amazingly I found out the story was true. On a Virgin Blue flight from Fiji to Sydney a father was playing peek-a-boo with his 17 month old son when a male flight attendant picked up the boy, put him in the compartment, and closed the door. The flight attendant has been fired.

The story takes a turn here. The mother claims that she was traumatized because of the incident, her husband was shocked, and the baby is suffering from anxiety and withdrawal. The baby has seen various specialists since the incident. Can you say doctor shopping? Can you say lawsuit? I knew you could. The most shocking thing about this incident is they are Australians, not Americans. I am sure there will be a settlement out of court but in my opinion this woman is going a little overboard here. I believe her husband agrees because they have separated.


Travis said...

I love it when the email comes in and says "This has been confirmed by Snopes!" Then you actually go there, and of course the exact ooposite is true.

Jeff said...

Wow. That's just...incredible.