Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Social Media.

When I made my return I mentioned that I had changed my name and would no longer mention my employer by name because they have a policy in effect covering social media. In the comments Winthrop J Quiggy said:

OK, I have a question. What would the great evil empire do to you if you happened to mention their name in a post? (I won't even mention the fact that its just slightly disturbing that they would have a work force of people whose job is only to monitor the social media...)

My answer was:

There is nothing in writing and there is a possibility that it is nothing more than an empty threat, but the implication is that you use a public forum to speak ill of them, you will be given the opportunity to seek employment elsewhere. They are extremely image conscious and want to present a wholesome image, not unlike another company ran by a Mouse. I am not going to reread all of my posts, but I usually am a company standard bearer and speak highly of them. Some of their employees are total morons, but I don't hold them responsible for that. I think I will stop the sermon here and work on this theme. I will continue it on Monday.

I really don't have a problem with them having this policy. Like I said, I am a supporter, not a detractor. They are not a perfect company, but that creature doesn't exist. My employer gets enough bad press and they don't want their employees adding to that. Other employers have this type of policy. I read a couple of blogs from people in the restaurant industry and they face the same restrictions. In fact one of them was actually fired because of blogging. (The title of this blog may be NSFW.) He is working somewhere else and they also have a policy about it. The Darden restaurant chain also has a strict policy in effect. I won't post a link to that blog because it definitely is NSFW. There are plenty of other topics to talk about, and when I want to I will talk about work. I just won't mention them by name.

As for my attempt to get back into management, absolutely nothing has happened. No one has the job and so far there have been no interviews. Something needs to happen soon because inventory is in three weeks. There is a lot of preparation needed to be ready for it. I'll keep you posted.


Winthrop J. Quiggy said...

none of the posts i did on my old blog ever got me in trouble. of course Quiggy isn't my real name either... (you thought it was...?)

Jinxo56 said...

WHAT!!!! Quiggy is not your real name. I am so shocked. I will console myself by writing a letter to Santa.