Monday, March 7, 2011


Last Wednesday I wrote about my employers social media policy. After I posted that I read about a news story that struck me as being very ironic to my employers (and several others) policies. I debated about whether or not I should mention it. I waffled more on that issue than a presidential candidate. I finally decided, obviously, to tackle the issue.

The Supreme Court decided that the protests of the Westboro Baptist Church are protected by the first amendment. Basically it is alright for them to shove their hate-filled message down the throats of anyone that they choose, yet if certain people blog about their employer they run the risk of termination. Where is the justice in that? As the saying goes, life isn't fair. To reiterate my position, I am not upset about the blogging policy of my employer. I have no plans of writing anything negative about them anyway.

As for the Westboro Baptist Church, I was not surprised about the courts decision. One of the great things about this country is you are freely allowed to express your opinion. In some countries you can be executed for expressing disapproval with the leadership. The WBC may be legally right with what they do, but they are morally wrong with their actions. That is another irony to this, a so-called religious group being on the wrong side of a moral issue. I am not sure if the phrase is still used as much, but a few years ago Christians were exhorted to think before they acted and ask themselves, 'What would Jesus do?' I really don't think he would be going to funerals telling people their loved ones were going to Hell. They do this for publicity. What would happen if we just acted like they weren't there? Maybe that would be the way to get rid of them.

Job update: I was interviewed Sunday morning for the job. There were 11 candidates and 3 will be interviewed. I was the first. The decision will be made after the other two have had their interviews, so I am not sure when that will happen.


The Big Kahuna said...

Sad that I have to deal with these idiots on the 15th. I live in the area where those 7 kids died in the fire and these morons are protesting!

Jinxo56 said...

It is sad that they are still active. My understanding is they do so many every day. What a bunch of losers.