Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baseball Card Tuesday.

Last week I showed you the Mickey Mantle uniform card that I got in a box of 2011 Topps series One. ( I goofed last week and said it was a 2010 box. I have corrected that.) The eBay auctions that I mentioned have ended. The card selling for $299.99 did not sell. It has been relisted for $249.99. The other card sold for $174.5o. Now I have an idea of its worth. I am considering putting mine up for auction but I haven't decided yet. The box I bought was guaranteed I autograph and 2 relic cards. The autograph was Jeff Francis of the Colorado Rockies. Francis is no longer with the Rockies, having signed as a free agent with Kansas City. I no longer have this card. It really did not mean much to me and I traded it along with some other cards to a Rockies fan. I will be getting a lot of cards that I need to come closer to finishing some sets. That makes me happy and the guy who is getting the card will enjoy it much more that I did.

The second relic card was this Leather Nameplate of Ichiro. The purpose of those cards escapes me. It was kind of cool, but I have also traded this card away. The person getting it is a Mariners fan, and again it will mean more to him than to me.

Topps also had an offer for people who bought their cards in Hobby stores. For the 10 wrappers that my cards came in I received a special 5 card pack. They have produced a special 40 card set for this redemption. Randomly inserted into the packs are an autograph card. A person is not guaranteed an autograph and I did not expect one. I got my five card pack and much to my surprise was this card.

So since I am a die-hard Cubs fan will I be getting rid of this card? No, this one is a keeper. First of all, Red is a Hall Of Fame member, and even though he was the Cardinals manager there was always something about him I have always liked. His player stats can be found here and his manager stats here.

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