Friday, April 1, 2011

Play Ball!

Here we go again. The baseball season kicks off today with the Cubs playing the Pirates in Pittsburgh. Most teams would relish opening against the Pirates. After all last year the Pirates finished 57-105, the worst record in baseball. However when they played the Cubs they acted like world champions, winning 10 of the 15 games the two played. Hopefully this year the Cubs will be better against them and the rest of the league. As big a Cubs fan as I am I don't see them winning the division. They have some promising young players and I see good things in the future. As for this year, let the fun begin.

The card you see pictured is the second best card that I have got this year. I'll show the best next Tuesday. The card is a Starlin Castro autograph card from the Topps Heritage set. The card is based on the 1962 set. There are two grades of autograph cards. One is signed in black ink. If you notice, this card is signed in red. Castro only signed 62 cards in red. This one is numbered 18/62. There are no guidebooks on the price of it, but one sold on eBay for around$100. Of course to me, it is priceless.

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