Thursday, July 14, 2011

Video Game Tales.

Yesterday I talked about video games. Today I ran across a list from, which listed 10 unbelievable video game stories. You can go here for the entire list, but I'm only going to comment on two of the stories. The first story involved the man from Hawaii who was suing the video game company for not telling him that video games are addictive. This falls back onto several comments I've made on this blog, including one that I made just last week about how people will sue over anything. The lawsuit was filed over a year ago and most of the complaint was dismissed in August of last year. I have searched and cannot find a follow-up to that story, so either it has been settled out-of-court, or is still active. I should find it amazing that the entire case was not dismissed, but I have seen too many things that are allowed to continue on long after they should have been dropped. If I find a follow-up to this, I will make mention of it at a later date.

The second story was from 2009. It concerned a mother who called the police because her 14-year-old son would not quit playing Grand Theft Auto. She had gotten into an argument with her son and felt that was the only way to get through to him. The police officers were able to get through to the boy, but as a person who has sold video games, I wonder how much his mother checks out what he is playing. Grand Theft Auto, is a video game that is rated M. That means her son would not have been able to purchase it by himself. Stores will not sell the game to anyone under 17. I realized that an older friend of his could've bought the game for him, but in my opinion, a 14-year-old should not be playing that game.

When I was working at Kmart, I had a lady who came in wanting to purchase a video game system for her eight-year-old daughter. X-box had not been out very long, and she asked me how good that would be for her little girl. She told me she had heard a lot about Grand Theft Auto, and if that would be a good game to purchase. I explained her a couple of things that took place in Grand Theft Auto, and she agreed it would not be an appropriate game. I also explained to her that X-box, was geared more for older game players. I sold her the Nintendo system that was available at that time, which was the Game Cube. At a different time, I had a young man who was 16 years old and wanted to purchase an M rated game. I told him that I could not sell it to him, but if his mother came over she could purchase the game for him. When she came over I explained to her about the game, and she turned her son and told him, "I told you I was not going to have that kind of thing in my house." The young man gave me a look, letting me know he was not very happy with me, but that I could live with. I didn't want his mother coming after me.

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