Friday, July 29, 2011

Visiting a Swamp.

When I left Fernandina Beach, I was heading for Tallahassee and then on to the Gulf of Mexico. I pulled into a rest stop on I-10. While there I saw a sign that said there was a nature trail at the back end of the rest stop. According to the sign, the trail ran over a mile and led to a swamp area. The swamp area part of the trail was about a quarter of a mile long. The trail, which you can see in the picture above, was supposedly wheelchair accessible. You could get a wheelchair on it, but I really wouldn't recommend it. What you see was the nice part of the trail. It got a lot worse before you reached the boardwalk. It would've been a very rough road for someone who was wheelchair-bound.

These are some of the trees running along side of the path. I was surprised to find that I was the only one walking on the trail. The scenery was beautiful. Unfortunately a lot of the pictures that I took didn't turn out. Most of them were too dark to really tell what you are looking at.

This is the start of the boardwalk. There were signs showing what wildlife you could expect to see. They mentioned alligators, lizards and snakes and warned you should not get off of the boardwalk. It has evidently been very dry around that area because I do not see any standing water. Outside of a small blue lizard, a few birds, and a few spiders, I didn't see any living creatures. I really expect to see at least one snake, but they evidently took the day off. It still was a fascinating walk.

This is where the boardwalk ended. I spent over an hour walking through this and admiring the scenery. You can see the rest of the swamp pictures that I took here. Before I left here I made the decision that I was not going to go on to the Gulf of Mexico. I still want to see the Gulf, but that will be a trip for another time. I can make that trip on one of my  "weekends." My next stop was Tallahassee to see a friend that I had never met. I will explain all that on Monday.

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