Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bad Example.

Last week I saw something at Wal-Mart that made me sad. A couple were shopping with their daughter, who was about three years old. They were each pushing a, as they call them in the south, a buggy. (That is a post for another day.) The lady was putting groceries in hers. The man had the little girl in his. The little girl was sitting on a Dora the Explorer chair, which came from the toy department. The lady told the man she was heading for the checkouts. I heard this because I was stocking down the same aisle they were in. The man told her he was going to grab something and would meet her up front. He went passed me. After I finished stocking the case I was working on I noticed the buggy with the chair still in it. The fact that he left it in the middle of the aisle didn't upset me. I am used to seeing that. I went to move it out of the aisle when I noticed in it was a bag of Teddy Graham Crackers. Not only was the bag open, there were several on the floor nearby. Taking the buggy to the end of the aisle I could track them following the Teddy Graham trail.

Children learn by example. What lesson did her parents teach her? If you are hungry, just grab something off the shelf and eat it. You don't have to pay for it. When she gets older and gets caught shoplifting, then they wonder where did you learn that from. I don't have a problem with people eating in the store as long as they pay for what they eat. Many times I find empty bags
from the deli where someone took chicken and ate it while shopping. I have even found chicken bones tossed behind cans. The nastiest I found was where someone wrapped their chewing gum around a chicken wing and left it on the shelf. It is a store, not a buffet. It is sad to see people are not teaching their children to respect the property of others. No wonder we are having a lot of problems in our society today.

Todays baseball card is based on the design from Topps 1972 set.


Richard Marcej said...

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and we always called shopping carts a buggy.
So you see it wasn't just a south thing.

Rob S. said...

Buggy? I'd never heard that before.

And Gary Matthews! I remember when he played for the Phils.

Howard Bagby said...

The card pictured here is Gary Mathews,Jr. You are thinking of his dad, who everyone called Sarge.

Rob S. said...

Ah, okay -- because it looked like an old-timey card, I thought it was the same guy. I barely follow baseball at all anymore.