Sunday, March 2, 2008 tampering again.

Once again we have a case of food tampering. This time it is some sort of pills that were found in some Gorton's fish fillets. What exactly they are has not been revealed. An investigation is currently being conducted to try and figure out what happened. A lot of fish products come in a plastic bag placed inside the box, but Gorton's does not do that. This may sound cynical, but I hope this doesn't turn into another Wendy's fiasco, where the person who found it was the one who placed it in the fish. A couple of years ago a man in the Atlanta area actually put lighter fluid, Prozac and a couple of other things in his children's soup in a scheme to get money from Campbell's. I am curious to see where this goes.

We have been having enough trouble with our food supply in manufacturing. We don't need any more. We have had several recalls in frozen foods lately, not to mention the huge beef recall. At the Wal-Mart I work at we did not have any of that fish, but there are two recalls that we do have, Hot Pockets Philly Cheese and Mayfield Vanilla Ice Cream. The beef in the Hot Pockets was part of that recall. The ice cream was pulled because it was ran after some ice cream that contained nuts and may have some of the nut residue in it. There was only one batch involved, but all the ice cream has been pulled. Wal-Mart puts a register restriction on recalled items so that they can not be sold. A cashier could override that, but that would mean automatic termination for them. You could get paranoid over all the food, but these are the aberrations. Look at how many items never make the list. I don't worry about it. Mistakes are going to happen. At least they are being fixed.

Todays baseball card has a very special meaning for me. This is the only Major League player I have ever met personally. Of course, his playing days were long over when I met him, but it was still a thrill to meet him. We had an athletic banquet at my school my freshman year. Ray was the speaker. I got to meet him because a friend of mine was his grandson. Ray was a reserve outfielder for the Cardinals. He played 10 years and had a lifetime .301 batting average. He managed the Cardinals in 1939 and part of 1940. They got off to a bad start and he was fired. He was a coach for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947 when Leo Durocher was suspended for the season. He was offered the managerial job, but turned it down.

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Jeff said...

Sorry about the food tampering. I hope it all passes quickly.