Thursday, March 27, 2008


I moved to Georgia from central Illinois in 1996. Yesterday I mentioned that the carts used to put groceries in in the south are called buggies. I also learned they call them buggies in Pennsylvania. In Illinois we always called them either carts or shopping carts. I discovered several words and phrases like that. It was almost like learning a new language. Some examples:

Ill. To me it meant you were sick. Here it means you are mad.

Carry. To pick up or tote. Here, to take someone somewhere, as in I will carry you to the grocery store.

What I call a fork lift is called a hyster here. I was talking about this to a manager i had at K Mart and he told me he was from Ohio and they called them tow motors there.

The accent can also make it hard to understand sometimes. At one point I was the manager of the hardware and automotive departments at K Mart. I had a customer ask me where my falls where. I had him repeat it and I swear what I heard was falls. He looked at me like I was an idiot and finally said, "you know, your falls, like you sharpen a chain saw with."
I said "Oh, you mean files." Even after living here 12 years I still have a little problem with that, but not too much.

I am taking a break from the Wal-Mart cards for today. I went to Dalton and bought my new comics today. I stopped at a Wal-Mart there to pick up a few groceries, and while I was there I bought 3 packs of Topps Heritage cards. Heritage card take the designs of old Topps sets and put modern players on them. This years set is based on 1959 Topps. There are 8 cards in a pack. I got one pack with only 7 cards. Shorted? Not Quite. Inside was this Bob Gibson card, which contains a piece of a seat from Sportsman Park, where the Cardinals played in until the mid '60's. This is the second card I have from an old stadium. I also have a Willie Mays card with a piece of a seat from the Polo Grounds .


Jeff said...

Interesting post on colloquialisms, Howard. I discovered long ago that I very much speak "Indiana" with an unexplainable twinge of "Chicago" mixed in.

rrlane said...

Boy, I've lived in Pennsylvania most of my life, and I don't think I've ever once heard shopping carts called buggies.

We call soft drinks "pop," the things you slide down a snowy hill "sleds," and word "creek" is pronounced "krik," though.

Howard Bagby said...

Our friend Bengygrimm told me he has called them buggies all his life. It must vary from area to area.

Where I come from we call soft drinks "sodies". Here in Georgia the call them cokes, no matter what it is.

Travis said...

Howard, everything in Texas is "coke" too. Iowa is a "pop" state. Me and my cousins are always kidding each other on what we call different stuff.

My Dad is the only one I know who calls breakfast "brackfist"