Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Inventory Time

Today is the day that retail workers hate even more than Black Friday, inventory. The bright side is I left before they started counting. Everything from the way you stock to the way you set up the shelves changes. It is a necessary evil and fortunately we only have to do it once a year. Certain departments, meat, produce and deli have to take inventory monthly.

It is even worse if you are working on the floor. There is nothing you can do except watch the people count. Nothing can be stocked until they are totally done. Everything is straighter than it usually is, so you don't even have that to do. In the past I have managed the electronics department and the hardware/automotive departments for K Mart. Inventory days seemed to be the longest days I ever worked. Black Friday is so hectic that the day just flies by. On inventory day it crawls. At least it is over until next year.

Some times I think if a department head job opens up I would like to have it. Considering all you have to do in preparation for this, I have second thoughts. There are a lot of headaches involved, and unless I get a huge raise, I probably will pass. when I was younger I really wanted the responsibility, now I am at the age I am enjoying just going in, doing my thing for 8 hours, and going home.

Todays baseball card is from a special set Topps put together for Wal-Mart. You can buy what are called blaster boxes, which will usually have anywhere from 4 to 20 packs of cards in them, and they sell for between $9.99 and $29.99. If you bought a $9.99 box you got 3 of these cards, for $19.99 you got 6. This card is based on a design that back in the early '60's were found on the back of Jell-o boxes. The Wal-Mart set has 54 cards and they are all in different styles of old cards. I will posting several of them in the next few days.


Radiodad said...

Yesterday I finished pre-counts for inventory at our store. Our "I-Day" is Thursday, and I'll be happy when it's over, so everyone can de-stress!

Howard Bagby said...

Good luck on that inventory. You know exactly what I was talking about.