Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ebay Insanity

Yesterday I read a news story about a corn flake shaped like Illinois was being auctioned on eBay. When I looked at it it was selling for more than $210,000. eBay stepped in and canceled the auction due to a rule about selling edible products. The corn flake has been reissued as a coupon for the flake and the statement it is not edible. When I looked the flake up I decided to see what other items were listed under the category slightly unusual. You can buy a corn flake seed, a corn flake flake, Miss's O'Leary's Illinois cow corn bran flake, a corn flake states collectors box, a Nevada shaped chicken nugget, a McDonalds golf club shaped french fry, a Michigan bran flake coupon, and an empty box of Orbit gum. The spirit of P.T. Barnum is very happy.

My baseball cards for today are all from a pack of 2008 Topps that I opened. The cards came in this order:

Jose Valverde, who led the National League in saves last year.

Then we have the saves leader card, featuring Jose.

The next card was Chad Cordero, also featured on the saves leader card. The string ended there, no Trevor Hoffman. To get those three in that order was amazing.


J.Ball said...

"McDonalds golf club shaped french fry"

Thats not so weird. Now show me a golf club shaped like a french fry and we'll talk. heehee!

Jeff said...

I love the loophole, as if someone was going to eat it who had just spent $210,000 on it! Gotta admit, I was tempted to buy a box of cornflakes and start searching when I first read that!