Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Born To Play A Role

As I mentioned last week, every Tuesday I get together with my lady, Vickie, and we watch a movie. Last night we watched Popeye, with Robin Williams as Popeye and Shelly Duvall as Olive Oyl. Has there ever been any better casting than Shelly as Olive? She not only had the right look her acting was superb. The whole movie had the feel of a live action cartoon. I liked the songs and I thought the Sweethaven set was perfect. The IMDB rates this movie as a 4.8. I think that is way to low. I gave it a 9.

I watched the season opener of Ice Road Truckers. My understanding is the people who run the ice road did not like the series and did not give them permission to film there last winter. They found another road which goes over the Arctic Ocean. This season is not as good as the first. I am going to watch a few more episodes to see if it picks up, but I don't believe they are going to come close to season 1.

Jack Of Fables-Jack Of Hearts. Jack is a spin off of the Fables title. It is equally as good. I am catching up with Jack through the trade paperbacks. This is the second one, covering the issues 6-11. It is a great story of Jack in Las Vegas. I am looking forward to catching up with the rest of Jack's tale.

Firebreather 1. His mom is an ordinary housewife. His dad is a 300 foot tall monster. I liked this story and I want to see where they are going with it.

Final Crisis 1. DC changed everything 22 years ago with Crisis On Infinite Earths. Now they are trying to put everything back. This is a good start. I hope it has a good ending.

Tales Of The TMNT 46. Soon I am going to do a post, good things from a bad relationship. One of the things is an enjoyment of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This story is an untold tale from a previous TMNT story. One great thing about this tale, you can go to the TMNT website and read about the story so you can fully understand where this fits in.

Topps 2008 series 2 is now out. This card is from another subset they are including in it. The back of the card reads:

Wilson established the Federal Trade Commission, outlawed child labor, enacted a lower tariff and kept the U.S. out of the World War during a successful first term in office. Though he would not be able to avoid the war forever, his popularity was high entering his bid for re-election. Former New York Governor and Supreme Court justice Hughes made a strong bid for an upset that fell just short. Winner Woodrow Wilson (277-254 Electoral Vote Count)

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