Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ice Road Truckers

Tonight at 9:00PM, EST, History channel is premiering season 2 of Ice Road Truckers. Last year when Season 1 debuted I wondered why is the History channel doing this? Circumstances happened, I am not going into detail about them, and I ended up watching an episode. I think it was the second or third episode. I was hooked. Ice roads are the only way certain heavy machinery can reach some diamond mines in Northern Canada. They have to wait until lakes freeze solid so they can start hauling. Of course there is a limited time to haul and very strict rules on the drivers. I have read this season is being done on a different road. The owners of the diamond mines felt the drivers were shown being too reckless and only interested in the money. Since I work tonight I will be taping this and watching it tomorrow. I am looking forward to it and will talk about it in depth Tuesday.

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