Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tuesday Night At The Movies

Every Tuesday night I go to my lady friends house where we watch a movie and spend some time together. We work together and are fortunate enough to have the same nights off. Both of us have large DVD collections, so we take turns providing the movie. Last night was Vickie's turn. She has a ten year old grandson so she has a large part of her collection is animated. That works for me because I am a 51 year old kid. I haven't grown up yet and I am too old to do so now. Barnyard reminded me of the Gary Larsen Far Side cartoon where the cows were standing in the pasture until a car comes along, then they get back on all fours until the car is gone. It is the classic coming of age story where the irresponsible son has to grow up fast and learn how to be a man. Sam Elliot voices Ben, the wise cow who runs the barnyard. Kevin James voices Otis, the irresponsible son. The story was very predictable, but well done. I really liked the gag where the cows get revenge on a young boy for cow tipping. Sam Elliot is a personal favorite so any movie he is involved with gets bonus points from me. The Internet Movie Data Base rated this movie 5.4. I am a member and I voted on it giving it a 7.

On a personal note, Dad is still in the hospital. They have moved him from the hospital in Lincoln, Illinois to one in Springfield so he can be closer to his heart doctor. His blood pressure is too low. They took him off his blood pressure medicine, but it still is too low.

I had been reading two newspapers every day, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The Chattanooga Times Free Press. as of Monday, the Journal-Constitution is no longer available. due to higher gas costs they are no longer delivering this far north. I had been reading the papers on my breaks and lunch at work. Since I now only have one I am now reading a book plus the paper. My current book is one my buddy Tom recommended to me. It is The Twilight Of Courage by Bodie and Brock Thoene. It is a historical novel that takes place at the start of World War 2. In fact the opening chapters were set in Warsaw. I have enjoyed what I have read so far and will do a full review when I am done. I also listen to a book on tape while I am driving. My current book there is A Cooks Tour by Anthony Bourdain. This a book version of his show with the same title that can be seen on the Food Network. I love the show and this book is a perfect companion. If you want to see the show it is broadcast every Tuesday night on Food Network at 10:30 P.M. EST.

On A baseball note, I am a die hard Cubs fan. The Cubs came into June with the best record in baseball. The last time they had the best record in June was 1908, which is also the last time they won the World Series. I am hoping that the cliche history repeats itself is true.

Today's baseball card is from 2008 Upper Deck Series 2. I have 2 more cards in this subset featuring Hillary and McCain. I will posting them in the next few days.

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